This is a lady you absolutely have to follow!! She’s a doll, has an amazing bikini body, is super inspiring, and one of my sweetest followers!! @micahsmom11 @micahsmom11 @micahsmom11 @micahsmom11 @micahsmom11 👙👙👙👙👙👙
She’s the 1st of many “athletes of the week” that I’ll be posting-  every Monday starting this week I’ll be picking any bikini competitor that’s following @team_goddess & @themeatlocker that hashtags their posts using #teamgoddessbikini 👍👍👍👍👙 it will be completely random unless we get requests to do a shout for shout in which I’ll tell you what week you’ll be posted. XO - happy lifting!!

Sums up my life…
One of the proofs from my sons 1st birthday cake smash photoshoot last night. Had a little bit of cake myself. Soooo good lol I missed having cake. Back on the grind today though. I can’t believe he’s almost one!! I have a toddler!!! What!!! Even more reason to work my butt off now. No more excuses- I can no longer blame this body on “oh I just had a baby”. 😩😩 #leggoooo
Working on this sexy number. 😍
Slacking lately: but I’ve been doing something right. Seeing lots of change 💕 & today is all fucked up I forgot my gym sneakers & more importantly my greek yogurt. Gotta get it in either way tho & repping my lovely @team_goddess leggings in my favorite color in the meantime. ✌️
Goodies available on the website ( while I try to get my sewing machine fixed. So sad. Overworked it I guess? Lol
Me & my poor baby have been sick for a few days now 😷 I really need to go to the gym but I feel like I’m falling apart lol. Blah. He’s going to be one soon!! I can’t believe it’s been one year since I had a baby. And I’ve lost about 35lbs 👏👏 now I’m really focusing on toning and losing a little bit of extra fat. Bikini body here I come… As soon as I’m healthy again. #cough 😩😩😩
@learnloveslean is having suit raffle ending very soon. All you have to do is follow her @learnloveslean & repost this pic. Make sure to hashtag; #learnloveslean!! In order to enter to win this beautiful competition bikini. She’s picking the winner on 3/28 so hurry!! 💙
Check out the gorgeous @seaforddm rocking our pink leggings. We couldn’t be any happier with our sponsored athlete! She’s stunning! Make sure to head over to her page & check her out. ❤️ @seaforddm @seaforddm @seaforddm
Printing printing printing 💙💘 new racerbacks will be up later tonight 😘😘
Me & my best fraaaand taking sefies in the gym- what else are mirrors for besides to flex in anyway!! Both repping our lovely @themeatlocker shirts ❤️❤️👌 she’s starting her weightloss journey this week and I’m going along for the ride and I’m so excited to watch her progress 👏👏👏👏 follow her @anewme412 & make sure to follow only the best people and gym swagoneers in the universe @themeatlocker 💪💪💪💪💪💪😘
THIS!!! 👏👏👏
Hi guys! I am a 23yr old mother from New York, I had my son 4/25/13. I lost 54lbs in 2012. And now I have to lose all that baby weight! Please check out my About Me section if you would like to know anything about my current stats. And don't be afraid to talk to me!

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